Exam Access Assessments

Our testing for exam concessions: simple, quick and easy

This is ideal for students approaching formal examinations, such as GCSEs, A Levels or even Key Stage 2 SATS in year 6. We can assess to see if any concessions are needed, such as extra time, a reader or scribe.

“ An excellent service provided efficiently and professionally, results within days and extremely flexible to meet our needs. ” Senior school in Essex

At Clarity, we believe in offering the best value for money. Testing for exam concessions is also included in ALL our other assessment services or can be booked here as a stand alone assessment.

Please note, according to the JCQ regulations, ‘A computer reader will be allowed in papers (or sections of papers) testing reading.’ This includes English Reading examinations.
(JCQ Regs 2017-18, Section 5.5.2 Page 33.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can anyone assess for exam access arrangements?
The JCQ states that exam access assessors must hold a current SpLD Assessment Practising Certificate (APC) when assessing in this area or a level 7 Post Graduate course including at least 100 hours relating to individual assessment. At Clarity, our assessors hold both these awards. Our APCs are awarded by the Dyslexia Guild or PATOSS. Another provider is the British Dyslexia Association. All three providers are equal in status and qualification.

Does this assessment provide a diagnosis of a Specific Learning Difficulty?
This type of assessment measures speeds of reading, writing and processing, along with other factors involved in examinations and would
not be sufficient information upon which to base a diagnosis. However, the information may also be used to measure progress made since a previous assessment or following an intervention programme.

How long does it take?
Usually between 1 and 1 1/2 hours to determine whether you need up to 100% extra time, a reader, a scribe or other concession.

How much does it cost?
An assessment for exam concessions, such as extra time, a reader and a scribe is £180 all inclusive.

How is the report different to the other assessments you offer?
This report is a Form 8, Section C document, which is required by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) when schools and colleges apply online for access arrangements. The Form 8 gives brief accurate details of standard scores in the areas tested. We will also fully explain our findings to ensure you understand what your report means.

Is this only for exam access arrangements?
We believe in making our assessments the highest value for our customers. This assessment can also be used if you would like a brief progress report within two years of having a Diagnostic Assessment, a Learning Profile or after having some tuition to determine progress made. It is best practice not to be reassessed within 6 months. Please
contact us to discuss your requirements further.

I need an Exam Concessions Assessment for my exams urgently but also want a full Diagnostic Assessment.
At Clarity, we work flexibly and offer a ‘top up’ service for our assessments. If an Exam Concessions, Screening or Learning Profile Assessment is booked, we are happy to perform the additional assessments to build a diagnosis, if applicable, as long as it is within three months of the initial assessment. The total cost of the two assessments will be no more than the price of the Diagnostic Assessment.

How long does the report take?
The report is jointly completed by teachers at the school or college you attend and Clarity SEN Consultancy. The school or college must complete Section A of Form 8 and give the Form to you to give to us before the assessment takes place with us. Section B of the Form 8 must then be completed by the SENCO at school before they apply online for the concessions. The report then takes up to three weeks for us to prepare but is often much quicker than that. If you prefer, the report can be emailed to you for speed.

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