Visual Sensitivity Assessment

This assessment is useful to screen for Meares Irlen syndrome (scotopic Sensitivity) which very commonly occurs alongside dyslexia and can cause a range of visual distortions when reading.

Distortions can include blurring / fuzzing of the text / shadowing around the edges of letters or words and can even make the text appear to be moving on the page. Other symptoms include early tiring when reading and headaches.

Who is this assessment for?
Our Visual Sensitivity Assessment can be useful for children / adults who have already previously had their eyes tested at the optician for short or long range difficulties, and now need to have a full colour assessment for prescription of coloured overlays.

What does it involve?
The assessment involves a short word-reading speed test and full assessment of the range of coloured films to see which one provides the best success. It usually takes up to 1 hour.

Some of our clients have received over 100% gain in reading fluency when using the correct coloured film.

How much does it cost?
Priced at just £65, this is a very worthwhile assessment if your child has dyslexia or reading difficulties!

Please contact the centre to book your assessment.