Clarity Testimonials

We love a happy customer and are always encouraged to hear how your assessment, training or specialist tuition has helped you.

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“Thank you for doing the test with me and I did find it hard but your lovely pictures helped me a lot....The report will be a big help for me and will help me to move forward in life and to get the right support I need to get through every day life.”
Adult assessment, March 2018

“Thank you for being a really good teacher, now I am really good at reading.”
Brother, year 5
“Thank you for teaching me this year, I have really seen an improvement in my work!” Sister, year 8
Siblings having
tuition, summer 2017

“Thank you for teaching me, it was very fun.”
Boy aged 8 with speech and language difficulties, came for

“Thank you for all your support and care for our son this year. He has excelled under your instruction and it has been such a blessing watching his ‘get stuff’. Praying for a fantastic 2017-18 ahead!”
Parents of boy in year 4 receiving
tuition, summer 2017

“We just wanted to say thank you for all the extra you’ve done for our son, he’s a changed child, oops adult! Now he understands himself.”
Parents of sixth form student following DSA assessment, July 2017

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything you done for me and believe me my new school is A-Ma-Zing! and I feel so happy. Thank you for your open doors heart and you truly are a wonderful kind lady.”
Child leaving
tuition at the end of Primary, going to mainstream school in September 2017

“Thank you for teaching me and helping me with hard things. You are the best teacher and the funniest. I like your drawings. Best wishes to you and your girls and husband.”
Child leaving
tuition in year 6

“Thank you for teaching me as hard as you could and also thanks for the card and pen, I loved it! I will really miss you teaching me and I make even more progress in year 6 than now. Thank you for all you’ve done.”
Year 5 pupil following 1 year of tuition, July 2011

“I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with Maths, I really appreciate the time you took to help with my Maths exam. I got a C!!! I hope you have a great summer and get some time to relax!”
Student now at sixth form following passing her maths GCSE, September 2016
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tuition page for further information

“Thanks for yesterday. I feel a lot better now that Harvey has a diagnosis and a positive action plan.”
Parent following child’s
Diagnostic Assessment, January 2018

“All reports have arrived and the invoice is going through. Thank you so much for your hard work over the tie you were here and how quickly you produced the reports. We are so grateful for all your work.”
Lead Exams Officer Teaching Assistant, Sixth Form College following 42
exam concessions assessments, February 2015

“Very many thanks for your report and in particular in light of your findings, for ensuring that we have had the necessary paperwork so quickly. This has meant that, hopefully, our son will have the best possible chance of success at AS and A level. I have found the report to be comprehensive, easy to understand and have found your suggestions on ways of working to overcome our son’s areas of weakness very helpful. Once again, very thanks for your help.”
Parent of teenage student following
Diagnostic Assessment, March 2015

“I have to say that your assessment is vastly superior to most I have read and hope that I can pass on your details in future.”
Specialist SpLD Teacher, September ’15 teaching a child I had assessed

“Thank you so much for teaching me, you’re the best.”
Child leaving primary following tuition

“I really do appreciate your advice, it has been of immense help to me and also to my son. After our lessons with you finished, he said you were the best tutor he has ever had, that’s the first positive thing he has ever had to say about education!”
Father of teenage son struggling to stay in mainstream education, May 2016

“Thank you for your help, professionalism and caring manner.”
Adult following an
adult Diagnostic Assessment, September 2016

“I cannot tell you how much this is already making a difference to our son - he has been scoring As in Psychology since the assessment with you (before he was getting Bs and Cs) and his confidence has really blossomed because he now believes that (a) he is not stupid and (b) can achieve good results. The downward spiral in both his achievement and attitude and mental health had been completely reversed. We cannot thank you enough.”
Parent of sixth form student following a
Diagnostic Assessment, November 2016

“Thank you for your email and for all your work this year. I know the staff have enjoyed the dyslexia training and really moved forward with their understanding of how to support students struggling with dyslexia. The impact on the students has been considerable, both in terms of academic progress and attitude towards learning. I have enjoyed working with you this year, thank you for sharing your time and expertise.”
Headmistress at a Special Needs School in Chelmsford, May 2017
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teacher training events and LSA / TA mentoring programmes

“I am so pleased we were referred to you for our son’s assessment and that he was awarded the extra time for his A level exams, which made a huge difference to him. It was nice for him to have his dyslexia recognised as an issue and has helped to explain so much. Thank you for all the tips and pointers you gave him and for all you did.”
Parent of 6th form student following
assessment for University, September 2015.

“ An excellent service provided efficiently and professionally, results within days
and extremely flexible to meet our needs. ”
Supportive Education Operations Manager, Senior school in Essex
following 19 Exam Concessions assessments, June ’14.
Exam Concessions Assessments.

“Thank you for everything you have done for my son. I will not forget how you have restored his confidence, his faith in teachers and how wonderful it is to see him read.”

Father of 14 year old boy, June ’14.
See tuition.

“You assessed my daughter last year before she applied to University for a masters course. I thought you might like to know, she has been successful and will be starting her MSc in Physiotherapy at the University of Essex in September. Her assessment, knowing about her weaknesses and how to deal with them has given her confidence and she is greatly looking forward to the course.”
Mother of student, aged 21 years, April ’14.
See DSA Diagnostic Assessments.

“Thanks to you for pulling out all the stops to get this assessment done and form sent for us today... it is appreciated by all three of us.”
Mother of student approaching GCSE examinations needing exam concessions, June ’14.
See Exam Access.

“We received the report today and just wanted to say a massive thank you for surpassing yourself and getting it to us way before the anticipated date! We have contacted the SENCO and requested a meeting to hit the ground running for year 9! We are looking forward to our meeting with you to clarify the report findings and way forward... Once again, many thanks for getting this report to us so quickly, it is sincerely appreciated.”
Mother of boy aged 13 years, July ’14.
See Diagnosis.

“Please pass on our sincere thanks to... especially Debbie, my daughter’s English teacher for the past 2 years, who has really gone the extra mile to ensure she hits all her targets and been there to support her.”
Mother of girl aged 10 years, July ’10.
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